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We provide commercial waste management and recycling services to businesses across Newcastle, including general waste, recycling and hazardous waste collections

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Bespoke waste management solutions

We ensure that you and your organisation are fully compliant with all relevant waste legislation

Reduce your waste disposal costs

We can supply a wide range of waste containers from wheelie bins and RELs to skips and 40 yard rolonofs

Ensure full compliance with waste legislation

Our waste management collections are designed to suit the volumes of waste that you produce

Helping businesses of all sizes across the UK

Improve your recycling performance by reducing the amount of general waste you produce

Newcastle Waste Management and Recycling Services

If you are searching for a reliable and professional waste management company in Newcastle, Utopia Waste is on hand to help.

We are a leading provider of total waste management solutions in Newcastle and throughout the UK. We offer reliable business waste management services including waste collections, recycling and disposal in a variety of different industries.

Our local teams work closely with our clients to help them address their waste needs whilst remaining environmentally conscious and compliant with the laws.

Waste Recycling in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city which is committed to improving its waste recycling rates over the next few years. The city has already implemented strategies and is looking for solutions that will enable them to reduce waste generation by up to 10% by 2025. Going even further, Newcastle aims to reach its recycling target of 60% by 2030.

One of the major problems which has been identified by Newcastle City Council is the disposal of rubbish in the wrong bins. It is a simple issue which can be solved by utilising the services of experienced and professional waste management companies.

At Utopia Waste, we can provide a full range of bins and containers which can help businesses segregate their waste onsite. We also provide dry mixed recycling services, giving businesses the convenience of a single container for paper, plastic, cardboard and metal cans. This waste is then sorted at a dedicated recycling facility so that each waste stream can be recycled and reused.

From wheelie bins ranging in size from 240litre – 1100 litre to Front End Loaders, Rear End Loaders, roll-on/offs and skips, we have everything that you will need to fulfil your duty of care when addressing your waste management needs.

Your Total Waste Management Company

Our Newcastle based team can collect, transport, recycle and dispose of your business waste on a scheduled or as required basis. So whether you need a daily, weekly, fortnightly or one-off collection, we can help.

Whilst our goal is to help you save money on waste management, we also aim to help you lower your carbon footprint by recycling as much of your business waste as possible. Whatever your waste management needs are, you can count on us for total waste management in Newcastle.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We work in partnership with hazardous waste facilities in Newcastle and throughout the UK where we handle low-level radioactive materials, sludge dewatering and neutralisation processes. We can collect all types of hazardous waste and offer a wide range of recovery and treatment solutions to our business clients.

Construction Waste Recycling

One of the largest consumers of resources in the UK is the construction industry. But it is also the industry which generates a huge volume of recyclable materials. Everything from masonry materials to scraps, packaging and a wide range of other materials can be recovered during the construction, refurbishment and demolition phases.

At Utopia Waste, we can conduct an onsite audit and assess your waste streams. We can help you segregate the different types of construction waste so they can be recycled and made into new materials.

We Can Provide a Solution for All Waste Streams

Whether you generate paper waste, food waste, clinical waste, metal waste, wood waste, plastic waste or have general waste collection needs, we can provide the right services for your business.

Our expertise in waste management and recycling can help you improve your recycling rates and divert as much of your waste from landfill as possible. We understand that managing costs is essential for all business, so always aim to provide the most cost-effective services to all of our clients.